Hello Brimfield,


I feel fortunate to serve as your high school principal.  For twenty years I have poured my heart and soul into Peoria Public Schools as a high school teacher, interventionist, district curriculum coordinator, and principal, and while I would not trade those years for anything, I am excited to get back to an environment similar to the one in which I was raised.  I personally know the blessings of a small town school.  Having graduated from Warrensburg-Latham High School (just outside Decatur, IL), I know the life long relationships that can be forged through the school system, and I am excited for the opportunity to continue a culture here at BHS in which students are loved, pushed to do their best, and encouraged to do their part to better the world around them.

My philosophy for education is simple: to grow students as decent human beings.  We do that by investing in students as people first, then as students.  This belief is tied into our school mission statement:


As Indians, we live with a strength of spirit and steadfast support for all members of the Brimfield community.  We act with humility and a hunger to improve - both personally and academically.  We approach each day with an attitude of optimism, especially in our approach to adversity.  We have a passion for the process; we do what is right even when no one is watching.  And our efforts, energy, and enthusiasm help us to shape ourselves, our school, our community and the world. 

I am proud to serve the students, the families and the Brimfield community.  My husband, sons, and I thank you for allowing us this privilege.

Marcy Steele