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SEPTEMBER 7th--Grade School (Pre-K to 8th) SEPTEMBER 8th--High School

Thu Aug 31 09:16 AM


Yearbook Order for the 2023-2024 school year. Also, IF personalization is purchased for $7.50, you can have up to icons added for free. This deal ends on September 22, 2023.

Thu Aug 24 03:03 PM

Alternative Learning Day (ALD)

The Brimfield Community Unit School District #309 may implement an Alternative Learning Day, also known as an e-Learning day, in the event school must be cancelled.

Fri Aug 19 03:09 PM

Substitute teachers

How to become a substitute teacher.

Thu Jan 06 11:59 AM

Drop off and Pickup
Drop off and Pickup

Arrival and Departure Maps and Policy

Wed Aug 18 03:13 PM

Brimfield CUSD #309 District Calendar

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Summer Food Service Program

The USDA & ISBE have extended the Summer Food Service Program through June 30, 2022. This allows us to offer free school lunch to all students. It does not cover ala carte items. This change went into effect on September 8, 2020.