Brimfield 309 News

BHS & BGS Yearbooks

We are taking orders for the 2020-21 yearbooks. Orders are due Thursday, March 25th

Tue Mar 02 10:53 AM

Freshmen Orientation

We will have Freshmen Orientation on March 24th and 25th. There will be 2 time slots each night divided alphabetically by last name. Students will be able to RSVP when they submit their class selections. Due to number limitations, we ask that only one parent/guardian accompany their student to orientation night.

Tue Mar 02 09:49 AM

NFHS Network

To subscribe to the NFHS Network, Click on the link for more information

Fri Feb 05 11:40 AM

2021 Illinois 5Essentials Survey

Calling all parents, students and teachers!! Please take some time and fill out 2021 Illinois Survey. The Survey opens Feb. 3, 2021 and closes April 2, 2021.

Fri Feb 05 10:59 AM

BHSAA is doing a fundraiser

BHSAA is doing a fundraiser asking the alumni & the community to donate towards getting these photos restored & displayed once again in the new high school. Money donated towards this fundraiser will be allocated towards the BHS composite photos project only. Please donate towards this photo fundraiser to help keep the rich history of BHS & its alumni alive in our new school for years to come.

Mon Jan 25 01:51 PM


Join us for a Fundraiser to benefit the BHS FUND for Ben and Aaron. Click on the link for more information

Fri Jan 22 01:43 PM

Brimfield Alternative Learning Day Plan (e-Learning Plan)

The Brimfield Community Unit School District #309 may implement an Alternative Learning Day, also known as an e-Learning day, in the event school must be cancelled. An Alternative Learning Day (ALD) may be issued in place of an emergency day, as defined by the Illinois State Board of Education. In most cases, an ALD would likely be used in the case of closing school due to poor weather conditions but could be used for other emergency situations (loss of power, water, or other need to close one or all school buildings). This document summarizes the District’s plan for implementing an ALD.

Fri Jan 22 11:54 AM

Fuel your School at Hy-vee

Hy-vee is pledging $75,000 to support the needs of teachers and students. With your cooperation, your Grand Prairie Peoria Hy-vee wants to help your school possibly receive up to $5000 of support. Click on the link to find out more information

Tue Jan 19 10:39 PM


B&G Committee Meeting 4 pm

Mon Jan 11 09:09 AM


The Peoria Regional Office of Education is teaming up with the Peoria County Farm Bureau to assess areas of Peoria County lacking broadband internet and WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Peoria County Farm Bureau has launched a survey to determine areas of our county that do not have sufficient or affordable broadband internet service.

Thu Dec 17 07:36 AM