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Parents help your student be successful in Biology.  

First of all understand that I want your son/daughter to be successful.  We need to work together to help them achieve their goal.  I will do everything I can to ensure your student's success.  Here is what you can do:  

1.  Attendance:  If students are not in class they can't learn.  When they return from an absence, it is very difficult to catch up on assignments and they lose out on lecture material. Students need to be in class.  

2.  Check Grades:  Grades are posted in STI on the Brimfield District 309 website.  Please check your grades every 2-3 days.  If there is a "M" posted, that means they were absent or did not turn in the assignment.  /  Click on  STI Parent Portal  

Note:  If you need help with login call the high school office 309-446-3349

3.  Study Time:   Make sure students are studying at home.  Students can study the vocabulary at the end of the chapter or read/ taking notes and highlighting the chapter. Make flashcards.  There is always something they can do to prepare.  Waiting till the night before to study is not enough.  

4.  Being mentally prepared:  A good night sleep and a good breakfast (especially before a test) can help a student be alert and ready to learn.  

4.  Check my planbook weekly to see what we are doing in class.  My planbook is subject to change due to time restraints i.e assemblies, early outs 


5.  Communication:  Feel free to contact me any time.  You can email me at  ckrostal@brimfield309.com   or  by calling the office 309-446-3349 Ext. 1218 

Hopefully, we can work together to make this year a success for your student