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Biology of Man (ICC credit)


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Biology of Man (Bio 111 ICC dual-credit class)

Welcome to Biology 111 Lecture in this one semester course you have the chance to earn 4 college credits in science.  We will be covering topics that follow the development and evolution of man.  We will begin with the cell/DNA, follow with reprodution and continue on into history of ancient man.  

There will be 5 tests over the lecture material.  Each worth 100 points.  Followed by a comprehensive final exam worth approximately 100 points.  You can drop your lowest test score of the 5 tests.  The final exam cannot be dropped.  One to two fieldtrips to ICC are required for this class.  

Welcome to Biology 111 Lab! The lab sessions are opportunities for you to connect the ideas and concepts being discussed in lecture with specific hands-on experiences to make learning a bit easier.  You should work hard to learn the Learning Outcomes listed AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH LAB EXERCISE or HANDED OUT IN LAB.   Also learn any bold printed word or concept listed in each lab.

Lab Policies: There will be a quiz at the beginning of every lab period.  You will have a brief opportunity to ask questions before the quiz starts, but the instructor will NOT review the quiz content with you.  You have to study BEFORE you get to lab to do well!!!!  Each quiz will be worth 10 points and will cover material from the previous lab.

If you arrive too late (more than half the students have completed their quizzes), you will NOT be allowed to take the quiz and will receive a 0 for that score.

Can you take the quiz and leave lab early?  Leaving lab early (before dismissal) results in a score of 0 on the quiz and no credit for the lab time. 



  1. You will have 15 labs this semester. Your lab grade will be based on the BEST 14 lab quiz scores out of the 15 lab quizzes you will take.


  1. Attendance at all of YOUR scheduled labs is critical to student success in this course. As such, students CANNOT make up more than 2 labs during a semester (by attending another lab section). ANY STUDENT WHO MISSES 3 OF THEIR SCHEDULED LABS (including labs that are made up), will receive an F grade in Biology 111 (lecture and lab combined) for failing to meet the standards of the course.


  1. A missed lab can only be made up during the same “week” that the material is being covered. Your instructor must be notified in advance whenever possible (scheduled conflicts, court dates, sports, etc.) or within 1 hour of the start time of the lab (for illnesses, emergencies, etc.). It is YOUR responsibility to inform your instructor in an appropriate time frame.


  1. The Biology 111 lab sections are posted outside of the lab, along with the instructors’ email addresses. It is YOUR responsibility to find another lab section that suits your schedule AND to seek the permission of the instructor of that section a MINIMUM of 1 hour before the start of the lab you’d like to attend as a make-up. Make-up labs are subject to availability and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis until the lab is filled. In cases where there are no other available lab options, you will not have the opportunity to make up the lab.


5.If a lab is missed and a make-up lab cannot be scheduled, up to two missed lab quizzes may be taken without attending the lab.


  1. If a student needs to alter their scheduled lab meeting time to another section, the add/drop procedure must be followed.



Safety requirements: Closed toe shoes are required for EVERY lab period.  This is a federal safety requirement.  If you arrive to lab and are not wearing the required shoes, you will not be able to participate in the lab.  The missed lab quiz will be recorded as a 0.  Please consult the safety contract for further safety requirements.

Grades: Your lab grade consists of your quiz grades and pre-labs as noted below, and constitutes 25% of your overall course grade.  YOU will keep a record of the points you earn and can calculate your grade anytime.

Please check your grades daily/weekly.  

For assignments check your syllabus and/or my planbook:  https://planbook.com/planbook.html?t=968606&k=StudyBio