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Biology I (Sophomore Biology)


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Sophomore Biology I

Teacher: Cathy Krostal                                                                                                                                                                Office Hours: A day  2nd hour

Lecture/ Lab: A  day                                                                                                                                                                                    B day  2nd  hour

Phone: 446-3349 Ext. 1218

Office Hours:  At the end of class or after school any day or during homeroom on A days only.

Required Books: Text: Biology, Fifth Edition, Miller and Levine

Lecture Exams:  Hourly exams (100 points each) will be given at the end of each chapter (see  lecture schedule).  All exams will be objective in nature. (Multiple choice, true/false, matching, short answer and diagrams).  They will cover lecture material, vocabulary, and assigned reading.  The student is responsible to read and study each chapter. 


Exam Day Policy:   If an emergency arises or illness and you must miss an exam, you will be required to make up the exam before the next scheduled class day. For example, if you are absent on Monday (the day of an exam), you must make up the exam before class meets again on Wednesday of that week. If you are absent for multiple days, please see me the day you return to school to make arrangements. 

Lecture, Quizzes,Attendance, Labs: Expect a quiz over the lab and over the lecture notes. Each quiz will be 15 questions at 2 points each =30 point quiz.  Quizzes are multiple choice, true/false, and matching.  Plan to take a quiz early if you know you are going to be absent.  Quizzes must be taken before the class meets again. Labs will be collected at the end of each lab.  Most labs are worth 10-15 points each.  If you know you will be absent, make arrangements to hand in your lab early. (see handout on lab write-up)


*10% will be deducted for each late day or for an unexcused absence.

Possible Earned Points:                          Hourly Exams             7 @ 100 pts = 700pts.

                                                                                           14 quizzes                                    = 420 pts

                                                                                           8 labs                                           = 120 pts

                                                                                           Homework varies                           = 150 pts

                                                                                           Total (approx.)                                               1500  pts /semester

                                                                                           1 final exam                                    = 100-120 pts


FOR WEEKLY ASSIGNMENTS:   https://planbook.com/planbook.html?t=968606&k=StudyBio  

Vocabulary Words  Biology Vocabulary List