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How to be successful in Biology


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​How to Survive Biology 

and you might find you enjoy it!


First, I wish to state that it is my heartfelt desire that every student be successful in my classes.  Why would any teacher want otherwise for his or her students?  It's much more enjoyable and fulfilling as a teacher to have bright, motivated students who participate in class, do well on exams, and complete interesting, well-written papers.  So believe me, I want you to succeed and to find our class worthwhile.  

To some, my class may appear difficult and demanding at times.  But I structure the course and my energy in such a way as to enable anyone who is dedicated and hard working to learn a great deal and to receive a desirable grade.  To help you succeed, read my suggestions below and follow them carefully.

  1.  Attend Class.  If you aren't here, you can't learn.  You will miss out on so much and trying to catch up is very  difficult.  
  2.  Come to Class Prepared with book, paper and pen/pencil.  Homework done!
  3.  Participate in Class

   4.  Check your grades weekly on STI  

   5.  Learn to take good notes.  Make drawings.  Highlight important concepts 

   6.  Prioritize your Study Time.  School has to come first.

   7.  Read Exam Questions Carefully

   8.  Student Responsibilities are to listen, take notes, participate in class, to ask for help when needed and to study.   

   9.  Don't Wait Until the Last Minute to ask for help or to study.  This class is going to require more than just studying the night          before.  

  10. Receiving a Desirable Grade: If you attend class, do the readings, participate in class, work conscientiously and proactively,         and take responsibility for your success, then there is every reason to expect that you will succeed in my class.  That is certainly         my hope for every student who walks through my classroom door.