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Why take college courses in high school?


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 Benefits of Dual Credit

       Should my student be enrolled in dual credit courses?

  • As a dual credit student you are a College Student! This gives you access to resources on campus such as tutoring services, library, counseling services, etc. 
  • Reduces overall college costs. At Brimfield High School the costs of books (which can be hundreds of dollars depending on the classes) is eliminated. 
  • Speeds up the time to college degree completion. Dual credit students will complete their degrees in less time.  Allows high school students to advance more quickly through the pipeline and graduate from college (i.e., enter the workforce) sooner.
  • Enhances the curriculum for high school students. The addition of college coursework to high school curricula expands the options available to high school students while adding college level rigor.
  • Facilitates the transition between high school and college. Dual Credit courses allow students to better transition to the college life while still close to home.
  • Increases College Success Rate.  Dual credit courses help prepare students for the transition to college by engaging them in college level work and developing pathways to degree attainment.  "Studies show that dual credit classes increases the likelihood that a student will complete high school, and enroll in and persist in college."
  • High school students are able to obtain college credit prior to graduation. 
  • Students enjoy the convenience of taking dual credit courses within their high school daytime schedule.
  • Dual Credit courses are transferable courses. The student will receive a transcripted grade upon completion of their dual credit course. For additional information about transferring credit please contact the school where you plan to attend. 



  1. Into which dual credit classes should my student enroll? 


      Students should attempt to take every dual credit course offered.  Most students do not know what they plan to major in at college.  But, college is much like high school.  Every student no matter what they plan to study (medicine, engineering, psychology, elementary education, etc.) must take general education courses in college.  So, every student will have to take a math class, an english class and a science class. For example:  Anatomy and Physiology is not just for students going into the medical field.  Any student planning to go to college can get 4 hours of science credit towards there general education requirements while still in high school.  It’s a chance for students to get a jump start on college.   


 So, take advantage of every dual credit class!!  Hoping to see your student in Bio of Man (Bio 111)  and Anatomy/Physiology (Bio 140).  Your student could get 8 college credits in science before they ever leave high school.  Please encourage your student to take these courses!