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Classroom Rules/Behavior System

September 09, 2014


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    Appropriate classroom behavior is one of the most important parts of a well functioning classroom.  My classroom is a change from the large group setting of the students' home rooms.  While I hope that it is less stressful for students, I believe appropriate behavior is still a must.  I expect a great deal from my students, as I want them to be successful students in all settings, not just my classroom.  


These are my classroom rules:

     The students I see are usually very successful at following these rules.  When a student is having a hard time following one of the rules I give a verbal reminder about what the rules are and about appropriate behavior. If misbehavior continues, I try redirecting the student, or I may even ignore the behavior depending on what it is.  If problems with behavior become chronic or extremely disruptive, I will work to design a plan specifically for that student. If the problem is with a group of students, I may implement a group goal or behavior plan.