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Introduction to Sociology & Psychology

Course description, Syllabus & Vocabulary

July 28, 2017


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Introduction to Sociology & Psychology

One Semester = 1/2 Credit

Taught by Laura Putnam

Course Description:

This course provides students an overview in the study of sociology & psychology.  Students will take a keen look at the world around them, at how they fit in, and how society functions with them in it. They will also gain basic knowledge of psychological topics such as: The brain, the nervous system, sensation and perception.   The study of group dynamics and observation ties the subject matter together in this hands on course.  Ten hours of volunteer work is required during this semester.

What to expect in this class:

  • lots of discussion with peers and teacher
  • research projects
  • reading, writing and more writing
  • observations
  • case studies
  • volunteer work
  • participation based daily grades


Intro to Sociology & Psychology: Syllabus, Vocab and daily reading schedule:  Please follow this link for semester syllabus, listing of topics for each day, as well as reading due when you come to class.