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Grades 11-12   two semesters- one science credit

Amy Kepple


Course Description


            Introduction to fundamental concepts of modern physics: measurement of time and space, motion, mass, forces, energy, work, momentum, wave mechanics,  electricity, magnetism, and nuclear physics. 

            Laboratory experiences will help convey some understanding of how scientists work as well as developing concepts of physics.





          introduce the technology of physics as a purposeful mode of inquiry

          show how physical knowledge is acquired experimentally and woven into physical theory

         apply the physical theory learned to the solution of problems and to understand today’s technology



9 Week Grades


            Based on ratio:  number of points earned/number of points available

            daily work points range approximately 10-50

            test point range approximately 50-150



Semester Grade


            1st 9 weeks               40%

            2nd 9 weeks               40%

            Semester Test           20%