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Grade 11-12                                                                             Amy Kepple

Prerequisites: Biology, Physical Science


Course Description

Experimental science where fundamental concepts are developed to understand the theory of atoms and molecules also includes chemical bonding, chemical reactions, phases of matter, solutions, and acids and bases.



        develop basic principles and concepts of chemistry

        develop skills in chemical laboratory procedures

        use the periodic table for problem-solving, writing, and balancing equations

        use principles and concepts learned to interpret and understand natural phenomena, and chemical technology


Tentative Syllabus

Unit I: Chapter 1 The Science Of Chemistry

           Chapter 2 Matter and Energy

           Chapter 3 Atomic Structure and Electron Configuration

           Chapter 4 The Periodic Table

Unit II: Chapter 5 Ionic Compounds

            Chapter 6 Covalent Compounds and Molecular Force

             Chapter 8 The Mole

Unit III: Chapter 9 Chemical Equations

             Chapter 10 Stoichiometry

             Chapter 13 Solutions

             Chapter 15 Acids and Bases

             Chapter 7 Organic Chemistry


       9 weeks grades

         Based on ratio: number of points earned to total number of points available.

         daily work points 10-50

         test point range 50-150


Semester Grade

          1st 9 weeks           40%

          2nd 9 weeks          40%

          Semester Test       20%