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Physical Science


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Physical Science

9th grade

Tentative Course Syllabus

Amy Kepple

2 semesters                                                                  

one credit


This course is divided into two sections.  The first semester is concerned with aspects of chemistry which include: atomic description, periodic chart, writing and balancing chemical equations, and organic chemistry.  The second semester will concentrate on the study of physics including: motion, forces, simple machines, work, and energy


Our objectives are to develop a basic knowledge of the principles of chemistry and physics.  We will provide “hands-on” experiences through laboratory experiments. Applications to real world technology and society using basic laws of science are also a priority. Students will be exposed to possible career opportunities in the fields of chemistry and physics.



Fall Semester: Chemistry


Unit One: The Nature of Matter


Unit Two: Diversity of Matter


Unit Three: Interactions of Matter


Spring Semester: Physics


Unit Four: Energy and Motion


Unit Five: Electricity and Energy Resources


Unit Six: Energy on the Move




Nine weeks grades are based on a ratio of points earned to total number of points available. 

     Daily work point range- 10-50

     Test point range- 50-150

     Daily citizenship points- 5 (subjective only)



Semester grades are computed using the following percentages;

     1ST 9 WEEKS      40%

     2ND 9 WEEKS      40%

     Semester Test   20%