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Classic World Literature

June 11, 2015


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Course Objectives 

1.  Students will communicate ideas in writing to accomplish a variety of purposes.

2.  Students will understand how literary elements and techniques are used to convey meaning.

3. Students will apply reading strategies to improve understanding of a variety of literary genres.

4. Students will read and interpret a variety of classic literary works.

5. Students will analyze and express interpretations of a literary works.

6.  Students will identify applications from classic literature to their lives and contemporary issues.

Texts Used:

There is no specific textbook, but students will receive materials and handouts from various textbooks and also use novels and plays.

Course Description 

This course will emphasize reading and writing skills essential for success in college and the workplace. Students will read and discuss a variety of classic world literature selections from the Greeks to modern times.  Students will do assigned readings as a class and also be allowed choices in reading and complete assignments with a literature group.  This class will require reading outside of class so that students can successfully be prepared to discuss and analyze selections.  Selections will be grouped based on thematic units.

            Assignments will stress effective reading and analysis strategies. There will be writing and project assignments as well as written tests. 


Grading Policy 

Homework/Daily Work/Class Participation            20 percent

Quizzes                                                               30 percent

Papers/Projects/Tests                                        50 percent