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Mixed Media

by Suzanne Stewart

June 11, 2015


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Mixed Media/Sculpture


Course Description:  During Mixed Media/Sculpture, a variety of media will be explored, both two dimensionally and three dimensionally.  , Mixed Media students will learn and apply new skills not yet visited in any other art class, such as collage, encaustic medium and mosaic.


Homework:  In Mixed Media/Sculpture, there is not a great deal of out of class homework, unless the in class deadlines are not being met.  Sketchbooks, however, are almost entirely out of class assignments.  Each sketchbook is worth 10-20 points.

Grading:  All art projects are worth 100 points.  These points are divided into several categories.  Some such categories are overall product (guidelines and quality), art process (time management and effort), and presentation (content, delivery,  Other ways students may gain points are through sketchbooks, daily participation, and writing assignments.


Late Grade Policy:  

After one class period late, sketchbooks will no longer be accepted.


Quarter Grades:  Quarter grades are based on the percentage earned through an accumulation of points from projects, quizzes, written assignments, and sketchbooks.  (Examples:  223/250 = 89%)


Semester Test:  Semester tests are worth 1/5 of the overall grade. 

(Example:  (1st Quarter x 2) + (2nd Quarter x 2) + (Semester Test)/5