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bySuzanne Stewart

June 11, 2015


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Ceramics I


In Ceramics I, students will advance their skills with clay.  Each students will b introduced to the pottery wheel and advance their hand building skills.  Ceramics I students will also gain knowledge about glazes and the beginnings of firing processes.  Intrinsic motivation and time management skills are a must in this class.  Numerous projects are due by the end of the semester; however, there are no real time deadlines throughout the semester.  This is why time management skills are so very important.



Homework:  In Ceramics I, there is not a great deal of out of class homework, unless the in class deadlines are not being met.  Sketchbooks, however, are almost entirely out of class assignments.  

Grading:  All ceramic projects are worth 50-100 points.  These points are divided among the following categories:  quality, time management, effort, originality, and glazing.  Ceramic I students have several projects due over a grading period, which allows for a large accumulation of points.  Other ways students may gain points are through sketchbooks, daily participation.

Late Grade Policy Ceramics I is set up very differently than many of the other art classes.  Time management skills are a must.  Late grades for projects will not necessarily be known until the end of the semester.

Sketchbooks = 10 points (100%)

ONE class period late =  7 points (70%)

After one class period late, sketchbooks will no longer be accepted.


Quarter Grades:  Quarter grades are based on the percentage earned through an accumulation of points from projects, quizzes, written assignments, and sketchbooks.  (Examples:  223/250 = 89%)


Semester Test:  Semester tests are worth 1/5 of the overall grade. 

(Example:  (1st Quarter x 2) + (2nd Quarter x 2) + (Semester Test)/5