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Art 1

by Suzanne Stewart

June 11, 2015


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Art I


Course Description:  In Art I, we begin with learning the skills from Betty Edwards book,Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Her theory states that if you can write your name, you already have the drawing skill.  Therefore, learning to draw is just a matter of learning how to see. If students can become confident in their drawing skill,  they can then get on to the business of being creative and learning how to make good art.  Student are introduced to the elements and principles of art, a variety of mediums, and art styles.

Homework:   in Art I, sketchbook assignments are assigned as needed to reinforce skills learned in class.  Each assignment is worth 10-20 points and should be handed in on the due date.


Grading:  Generally speaking, all art projects are worth 50-100 pts depending on the complexity of the project.    Grading is based on meeting the criteria( following directions) craftsmanship, creativity and originality, effort, time management,   Art I has several projects due over a grading period, which allows for a large accumulation of points.  Other ways students may gain points are through sketchbooks,  daily participation, and writing assignments.



Late Grade Policy:  All projects are worth 50- 100 points or 100%

                        ONE class period late = -10% 

                        TWO class periods late = -15 %

                        THREE class periods late =  -25% (81%)

             After three class periods late work will no longer be accepted. 


Sketchbooks = 10-20 points (100%)

ONE class period late = 20% off

          Two class periods late = 50% off

       After two class periods late work will no longer be accepted.

Quarter Grades:  Quarter grades are based on the percentage earned through an accumulation of points from projects, homework, written assignments, and sketchbooks.  (Examples:  223/250 = 89%)


Semester Test:  Semester tests are worth 1/5 of the overall grade. 

(Example:  (1st Quarter x 2) + (2nd Quarter x 2) + (Semester Test)/5