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Biology Department


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Welcome to Biology!  

Biology is the study of life.  Biology encompasses many different areas of study.  Some of the areas of study will be hematology, genetics, human heredity, cell biology, and many more.  That means you will be looking at cells under the microscope, performing blood typing tests, understanding how humans pass on traits and diseases/afflictions to their children, and so much more.  Biology is connected to your everyday life.  So, get ready to experience a year of exploring LIFE.  Ms. Krostal is anxious to meet you.  Here is a little about her.   

Ms. Krostal  has two sons, Matt and Ryan.   Ms. Krostal graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1990.  After graduation, she began teaching part-time at Danville Area Community College.  At the college, she taught Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology and Life Science.  She also worked full-time at United Samaritans Hospital in Danville, Illinois as an assistant medical technician. After four years in the lab, she was hired to teach at Catlin High School near Danville, Illinois.  She moved to Bloomington in 2000 and began her career at Brimfield High School. She is also adjunct faculty at Illinois Central College where she continues to teach Anatomy and Physiology (Bio140) and Biology of Man (Bio 111).

 Here at Brimfield, she teaches Biology, Bio140 A&P (ICC dual-credit), Biology of Man Bio 111 (ICC dual -credit), Adv. Biology, Forensic Science I and II,  Sophomore Biology and Earth Science.  She is the Junior Class Sponsor which includes Prom and the Grand March activities and Head Coach of Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering (WYSE) sponsored by ICC and the University of Illinois. 

Ms. Krostal hopes that parents will encourage their children to take Dual-Credit classes here at Brimfield to better prepare their students for college.  Students have the opportunity here at BHS to graduate with as many as 12-15 college credits in areas such as science, plus they will gain study skills needed to be successful in college. 

Ms. Krostal would also like to thank all the parents for this opportunity to teach to your son/daughter.