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Porter, Brandon

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High School Syllabus

Instructor: Brandon Porter

Phone: 309-231-9643

Email: bporter@brimfield309.com


Course Description:

Physical Education is a required class that must be taken all four years. The curriculum will concentrate on all areas of physical development. Classes will stress the importance of student participation and sportsmanship while learning and performing various skills-along with encouraging students about nutritional needs.



 Red/white gym shorts & shirt

Tennis shoes- No flip-flops or Boots

No jewelry can be worn in PE class

Sweatshirts/pants can be worn but must be red/white or have short & shirt underneath that are red/white.



Rules/ Expectations:

  • Be respectful to the teacher, equipment, other students in class

  • Have a positive attitude, exemplify sportsmanship, and be on time.

  • Do not use inappropriate language.

  • No food in Gym/Weight Room.

  • Water & Gatorade are allowed

  • Participation & Effort is a must

Students will receive a warning first and then receive a detention the second time.



Grades will be determined in a point system. Total points earned divided by total possible points.


A            100-93                                                            Points earned in the following categories:

B            92-85                                                              Dress/Coop; 5 points daily                                               

C            84-78                                                              Fitness: 5 points daily

D            77-70                                                              Skill/Effort-5 points daily

F            69-Below                                                      Written/Skill Test: 25-40 points

                                                                                          Final Exam: 100 points


Dress/Coop: 5 points daily. Students must dress and cooperate with the activity for the day. If the student uses profanity, students will lose 2 points from his cooperation for the day.

Fitness:  5 points daily. At the start of class everyday we do our fitness part of the lesson. Consist of cardio, strength training, and flexibility. Students will be given a strength program for the day with given sets and reps. Students may do their own strength program but it must me approve by me first. We concentrate on two core lifts: bench press & squat press. For cardio the students can use any of the following cardio equipment we have in the weight room or walk in the gym.

Skill/Effort: 5 points daily. Students are required to give their best effort during the activity. If students don’t give effort or participate they will lose points.

Written/Skill Test: Written Test will be given after each unit. Skill or Fitness test will be given each semester. It consists of the students running a mile, push-up test, sit & reach, shuttle run, and sit-up test, max on bench & squat.

Final Exam: Students will have a final exam each semester. The 1st semester exam is a written final over a article read in class. The 2nd semester exam covers all the activities we have done in class.

Additional Points:

Fitness Sheets: Students will have to keep a fitness folder and keep track of their strength program/ cardiovascular fitness. I check the fitness folder four times a semester for a total of 40 pts.


NO DRESS- If the student doesn’t have the appropriate clothing or shoes the student will lose all 15 points for the day. Also if the student has an unexcused absence from school they also will lose their 15 points.


Students can borrow clothes if they forgot their clothes. Minus 2 points for each article of clothes borrowed.


Excused- No-dress must be accompanied by a written, dated, and signed note from either a parent (2 per semester). If a student misses more than two consecutive classes, a signed doctors note is needed.


P.E Units

Units usually last between 3-4 weeks. At the beginning of each unit, rules and skills are learned and practiced. After each unit there will be a unit test.


1st Semester Units                                                 2nd Semester Units

Flag Football                                                              Pickle Ball

Fitness Testing                                                         Badminton

Whiffle-Ball World Series                                    Aerial Darts

Basketball                                                                    Mat Ball/ Porter-Ball

Volleyball                                                                     Rag- Ball

                                                                                          Fitness Testing

                                                                                          Roller Skating ( every other year)

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