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20 Suits

I have 20 suits. Why? Who has or needs 20 suits? I have 20 suits because my mother bought me a suit each year for 20 years. She always says, “Dress for the job that you want, not for the job you have”. What does that mean? I‘ve always wanted to be a Ninja or Super Hero. I would look pretty silly walking around in this particular garb. I guess I like the idea of helping people which is exactly like my Mom, except she is more practical.

My mom is the type that has always supported our family. She knew I wanted to be a principal but knew I felt it was a daunting task. She encouraged me along the way, pressing me to believe in myself and hinting this is a way I can help many children. When I taught in the classroom, I had 25 students, now I have 511. I guess she is right.

I appreciate my mother’s view on discipline because through the years she told me if I got in trouble at school I would get it double at home.  This view taught me to always have respect for teachers.  She told me that we cannot always pick our bosses, and school was a learning tool to teach us how to deal with different types of personalities. I have noticed through my many years of teaching students with this type of parenting seem to have more respect for their friends, their teachers and for themselves.

When I taught 6th grade the suits were nesting in my closet, until I decided to take them for a trial run for my sixth graders. I thought if I wore them they would realize how important they are to our future. During class one day a student asked why I was wearing a suit and wondered if I was going to a funeral. My reply, “I am dressed for my class because I want you to know how important my job is and I am preparing you to be future leaders.”  To my surprise they all seemed to perk up deciding they have a daunting task ahead. It is amazing what a suit will do.
Every day when I dress for school and wear one of my suits, I think of Mom and how she believes in me. When I am having a challenging day, I have a constant reminder of a mother’s love.

Your gift to your children could be to instill within them the same attributes that my mom instilled in her children……... to believe in yourself, to do what you love, and to have respect for the people in their lives; friends, family, and teachers.
Everyone Have a Happy Holiday!     Mrs. Blane

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