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Miller, Erin

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World Class Sleuth

by Erin Miller

World Class Sleuth

What is World Class Sleuth?

    W.C.S. is an optional, yearlong research project for fourth graders. The project consists of ten packets, each with five pages of famous people, places, and events to research. Each page contains 5 questions.
    This project helps students learn how to look up information quickly, using scanning and skimming. Students alphabetical order skills and sentence formation will improve, and they will walk away with a wealth of information about their world.

When does W.C.S. begin and end?

    Students receive the initial introduction to the project in late September, and all students are expected to complete one packet, while students who wish to continue with the program must complete two packets by winter break.  Because the project is so involved for both teacher and students, no new students will be admitted into the program after winter break.  Those students who do commit to W.C.S. will have until the first Friday in May to complete all ten packets. Students may work at their own pace, but must stay on top of the project if they hope to finish on time.

Is W.C.S. graded?

    W.C.S. is not a graded assignment, however each packet is checked over thoroughly and a student must correct any errors before moving on to a new packet. Students quickly learn that patience and precision are very important, as corrections often take longer than the initial research.

How can I help my child with W.C.S.?

    Your child may need a little guidance and parent assistance if he/she chooses to use the Internet, however all answers can be found in the classroom encyclopedias. Once students move past the initial training for the project, they are allowed to take one encyclopedia home each night.
    Students often struggle with organizing their time so that they have enough time for homework, W.C.S., and accelerated reader. You can help your child set up a plan. Obviously, homework must come first each evening. Then students might find it helpful to devote certain days to their research and certain days to A.R.

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